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Useful Facts About Exterior Painting Services

As much as interior painting puts value in your home, so does exterior painting. The primary reasons for interior painting are protection and aesthetics. Whilst indoor environments contain elements that devalue the structure of your home, outdoor environments are much worse.

Besides making your house or building look radiant and new, exterior painting protects your most valuable asset. That’s why assistance from painting experts in Sydney will help keep your home or commercial space against harsh elements.

No matter how small or big the painting job is, professional exterior painting services make all the difference. Let’s explore why.

Why Exterior Painting Is Important?

This section sheds light on the importance of exterior painting.

1. Improves the Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

How do you like a fascinating home from a street view? Fresh house or commercial exterior painting enhances the curb appeal of your property. Exterior painting is part of periodic maintenance of every property.

Paint fades over time and plans change eventually when you want to use a different colour scheme. Most professional exterior painting companies offer colour consultation and will assist you according to your preference.

2. Increases Your Property’s Value

Whilst the property has achieved an improved aesthetic appeal, it will increase its resale value as well. Especially, if the painting job is perfectly executed, it is easy to place the house or a building on the market. Doing so gives you the opportunity to grab the best deals.

Sydney painting services from the professionals will lift your property up to 50% increase ROI. Thus, consider hiring professional painters like us from Talbot’s Services if you are planning to sell your property soon.

3. Longevity

Many factors impact the longevity of exterior paints, such as type of surface, quality of paint, weather condition and painter’s skill.

An excellent painting job reinforces the building that makes them impenetrable from water and moisture, keeping the home in good condition. Repainting also helps extend your wall’s lifespan and protects it from premature wear and tear. 

4. Protection From Natural Elements

Sometimes, frequent rains and heat ruins the property’s structural integrity. In Sydney, for example, the weather can get a little hot. Summers are warm and partly cloudy. Temperatures are variable and range from 8.3 °C to 27 °C and rarely below 4.4 °C or above 32.2 °C.

A Few Painting Facts

Exterior painting fades faster than interior painting. This happens because the exterior structure is exposed to more harmful elements, such as heat, moisture and oxygen. To slow down oxidation, professional painters know what kind of paint to use because not all paints perform well, especially for exteriors that have uneven exposure to sun.

That’s why poor quality paints, when faded, leave your home or building vulnerable to wear and tear. You will also notice patchy fading of paints on different areas of your property.

Painting is not simply holding a brush or roller and spreading the paint. Skilled and professional painters master the art of painting.

Here are a few facts.

1. Exterior Painting Protects Your Home

Houses and commercial buildings in Australia are exposed to extreme climatic conditions year-round, from harsh summers and howling coastal winds to saltwater sprays. Fortunately, a professional paint job can protect your home from these factors.

Combining expert preparation with quality hard-wearing paint protects your property from Australia’s sometimes unforgiving weather.

2. Proper Preparation Maximises Longevity and Durability

Correct preparation of exterior surfaces prior to a paint job can tell the difference between a finish that will last up to 10 years and an amateur finish that lasts less than a year. 

Different types of exterior surfaces will need different preparation. Thus, your painter must:

  • Know how to properly prepare your surfaces, whether wood, concrete, brick or weatherboard.
  • Assess if the existing exterior can be painted over or should be stripped back before applying a new coat.
  • Know how to apply a wet edge which can be challenging in Australia’s hot weather. If this process is not applied correctly, your exteriors could have an unsightly and uneven surface.
  • Know that the wrong choice of paint type will ruin the finish in no time and will expose the surfaces to elements, requiring you to do a repaint job.

3. Type of Colour Matters

Your property’s curb appeal creates a first impression and impacts how your property blends or stands out in the community. This is why it is best to choose the colour of paint appropriate for your property. If you don’t have the knack for colour schemes, we recommend consulting with your painting contractor. 

What Exterior Paint Do Professional Painters Use?

Professional painters would choose a paint that lasts long for exteriors. Because exterior painting doesn’t have to be done again ahead of schedule, painters opt for long-lasting paints and have good quality lustre.

Here’s what Talbot’s Services team would recommend:


Modern developments in colour technology, specifically the advent of all-acrylic formulations, have made it easy to find a high-quality product.

Acrylic is flexible, breathable and colourfast compared to other paints made with vinyl resin or acrylic blends. More so, it adheres well to most surfaces. You can apply it with confidence on timber, metal and masonry. Look for 100% acrylic latex on the paint label.

Oil-Based Paints

With the arrival of water-based paints in the 1950s and limitations on high volatile organic compound solvents, the use of oil-based paint has shrunk through the years. Even so, this type of paint has lustre, smoothness, dirt resistance and sturdiness unmatched by latex paint. It makes sense to apply oils in certain outdoor applications such as doors, iron and trim. 

Talbot’s Services: Best Commercial Painter in Sydney

A fresh coat offers a plethora of benefits. So, keep your property protected and looking fresh and bright through painting. If you’re looking for exterior commercial painting services, we can help you. 

Talbot’s Services has 25 years of industry experience. We combine our wealth of knowledge and expertise with the best quality products to deliver spectacular results. 

For a free exterior painting quote, contact us today.

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