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Starting a new construction or renovating your home would require someone reputable to handle the exterior painting job because this is not a DIY job.

When you start looking for reputable painting companies to do the exterior painting, it is normal to feel lost. What would you ask? Where are you going to look for a painter?

So, to get you started, read on and be guided.

What Should I Ask An Exterior Painter?

Engaging with a professional exterior painting in Sydney helps you achieve a smooth finish for your painting project. There may be a lot of questions to ask painters, but here are a few to help you when looking for one.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

With so many scammers out there, it is important to be detailed about the services your potential painter could offer. Asking them a question like this would stun them if they are not seasoned professional painters in the industry. Anyone who is a pro could easily navigate and explain the ins and outs of exterior painting and beyond.

2. Can You Finish the Job On Time?

As a building owner or homeowner, it is essential to work with an exterior painting company that can deliver an accurate timeline. 

At Talbot’s Services, we value the time of the clients. Our professional painters are prompt and always ready to show up on your doorstep. We are also flexible to work within whatever circumstances you have in your life. If you have a day that requires you to cancel the schedule due to an emergency, we will always reschedule and keep the project moving.

3. What Brands of Paint Do You Use?

Asking for brands what the painters will use has an impact on their output. What does this mean? If these professional painters know their job well, obviously they also know what brand they often use. And most often they would use brands that offer quality finish.

4. How Much Experience Do You Have?

It is simple to say, ‘oh I have extensive years of painting experience.’ But how sure are you? The only way you can gauge if the painting services provider is eligible to do exterior commercial painting is when they can show their portfolio of past jobs.

5. Are You Licenced and Insured?

There are those exterior commercial painting companies that provide their exterior painters with Public Liability Insurance and WorkCover, which offer protection to customers, property, employees and themselves if they may damage your home. In such an instance, you won’t be held liable when an accident happens and someone gets injured while working.

6. What Safety Measures Will Be In Place?

As a building owner or homeowner, you will always want to protect and keep your tenants or family safe. Hence, in hiring an exterior painter, you must also ask how they plan to prevent accidents that might cause injury to the occupants, property and belongings. Reputable painters know that they have a duty of care and will take every precaution to leave your property undamaged.

How Do I Choose an Exterior Painter?

When deciding to hire an exterior painter, the first thing to consider is their credential. A reputable exterior house painting Sydney service is equipped with the right credentials. However, in Australia, a license is not always required for residential or commercial painting. The requirement varies depending on the size of the job and the state or territory you live in.

In New South Wales, a license is required for any job over $1000.

Regardless of the circumstance, you should always check if they have a business license and proof of competence, such as membership in a professional association such as the Master Painters Association.

What to Expect From Exterior Painters

A great exterior painter makes the best job painting. But what do you expect from an exterior painter?

An exterior painter must be highly trained and is connected with a reputable exterior commercial painting company, which also provides continuing seminars and education to be fully equipped with the constant changes in exterior painting techniques. 

There are also some other qualities to expect from an exterior painter, and these are:

  • Timeliness
  • Good communicator and listener
  • Doesn’t leave mess behind
  • With positive feedback from previous clients
  • Vigilant of the weather
  • Perfectionist

Why Quotation Matters Before Hiring an Exterior Painting

Finally, if you have decided to hire an exterior painter. You must also ask what an exterior painting quote includes.

A line–item estimate would provide details on where your every cent is going. Not only does this present a well-defined expectation for the painter, but it also provides reasoning for every penny you spend. Such an estimate is a goal setter or a good-faith target, and most exterior painters will try their best not to incur more expenses than those provided on the estimate. 

Talbot’s Services: Your Source of Professional Painting Services

When looking for commercial painters, don’t rely wholly on ‘painting services near me,’ but do a background check as well, find a reputable business to manage the exterior painting and ask all the questions above.

Are you ready to have your property painted? 

Our team at Talbot’s Services delivers the best results. With years of experience in residential, commercial, industrial and strata painting, we guarantee quality performance in every project. Contact us now.

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