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How Professional Painting Services Can Save You From the Stress of Repainting

Painting may look pretty easy by dipping your brush into the bucket and then off you go paint the wall. And enjoyable, right?

Though it may sound effortless, it really is a time-consuming task.

Painting needs a lot of handholding. You need to scrape the old paint, smoothen the wall, choose the perfect colour mix and pick the right tool let alone using the correct type of brush before you can even start the actual painting.

Imagine the stress, especially when the finished job isn’t as sophisticated as what professional painters do.

So, sit back and relax, and know why professional painting service is a better choice.

Why Do People Need Repainting?

1. Cover Signs of Wear and Tear

No matter how much we love the paint on our walls, it cannot stay the same way forever. There will come a time when its colour goes dull and faded or gains ripped segments.

2. Restyle a Room

Trends come and go as time passes. You might get bored with the current look of your room and maybe you want something flashy or modern and classy. Also, if you are repurposing a room, changing the paint is necessary to match the room’s vibe.

3. Recover from Disaster

Flood water may leave your walls soiled and damaged. Depending on the damage, you may need to completely change the paint.

4. Prepare for Home Resell

Renovation projects, such as repainting your home, can help increase the value of your home. Besides, newly painted homes have increased curb appeal. This can be useful if you are planning on putting it on the market.

How Often Should You Repaint Your Walls?

Although paint can last for years, it still has an average lifespan before it goes bad. To maintain the quality of your paint, it is recommended to change them every 3 to 5 years or as soon as it gets damaged. 

However, note that even though you can store some buckets of paint in case you need it, they can only last for a certain number of years.

Here is the average lifespan of different paint types:

  • Acrylic: 2–10 years
  • Chalk: 1–5 years
  • Latex: 2–10 years
  • Milk paint (premixed): 1–2 years
  • Milk paint (mixed from powdered form): 1–7 days

This may vary depending on the conditions of the place where they are being stored and if they have already been opened.

What Can a Professional Painter Do?

Professional painting services provide high-quality work when it comes to painting houses, commercial buildings or even industrial facilities.

Whether you need help with painting the interior or exterior, they will be able to expertly handle it. They can also do the necessary procedures before painting like removing old paint and priming the walls, as well as finding the perfect mix of colours for your preferred style. Cleaning up is part of their job too, so you do not have to worry about it after the painting project.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Painting Services for Repainting [H2]

High-Quality Work

Because they are experts in this field, you can be sure that the outcome that they will provide is satisfactory. They would be equipped with the right skills to make your visions a reality.

Saves Time

DIY painting puts a lot of joy in your day because you get to see how you fare in painting your own home. However, the lack of skill compared to what professional painters can do will make your painting less sophisticated and more time consuming.

With professional painters, the painting job can be done half the time non-professionals do. For example, painting services in Sydney can handle the job, applying all the skills and tools they have at hand. And given that they have been doing this for many years and in different industries, you can expect an excellent job.

Right Equipment

If you hire a professional painting service, they will come with the necessary equipment needed for the job. This can save you from buying a bunch of tools that you might no longer need in the future.

Saves Money

It may look like you are saving a lot by working on your own, but if something goes wrong, you may end up spending a lot more. You may need to buy extra paints or primers to fix your errors, spend on replacements for broken tools and will still need a professional painting service to fix the mistakes. 

Also, professional painters will be able to make a detailed plan for your project that would maximise your savings and will match your allotted budget.

Does Cleanup

Having your house painted is already stressful, but the cleanup after it is done can add to it. Painting services include disposing trash, packing away unused paint and moving back your furniture to the right places.

Make Repainting Easier Through Talbot’s Services

If you need professional help in improving your home or commercial spaces, Talbot’s Services is here to help you. We have a team of experts who specialise in painting, remedial and abseiling services covering Sydney and NSW.  Our painters are also licensed painters, and they can paint your space above your expectations.

So, the next time you search for ‘painting services near me,’ we are just a click away.

Talbots Services are the leading commercial and strata painting service in Sydney, contact us today for your painting and remedial projects.

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