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Why Hire an Industrial Painter

The Pros of Hiring an Industrial Painting Specialist

Hiring the services of industrial painters in Sydney is an excellent option when your industrial space needs to be painted. These painters have extensive experience in painting various industrial establishments which ensures that they will deliver the expected outcomes. 

But to obtain the best results, you should learn more about the work of industrial painters, the materials they use on the job and the things that make them different from commercial or residential painters.

What Is an Industrial Painter?

An industrial painter is a person responsible for applying paints, varnishes and other types of coatings to various materials, such as wood, metal and plastic. Industrial painters in Sydney are usually employed in the manufacturing and construction industries to perform the following duties:

  • Automotive painting
  • House painting
  • Painting the interior and exterior of industrial buildings
  • Painting the machinery
  • Painting the bridge’s framework
  • Removal of the previous finish
  • Cleaning and preparing of the area to be painted

How Do Industrial and Commercial Painters Differ?

Sydney’s industrial and commercial painters are responsible for painting buildings used for businesses. Due to this, most people think they handle the same roles when they don’t. Technically, their roles are different in various aspects, especially regarding the following.

  • Areas painted

The industrial painters in Sydney are in-charge of painting the establishments and buildings utilised for industrial, manufacturing and production purposes. They use specialised paints and should possess the skills needed to paint industrial surfaces properly.

On the other hand, the commercial painters in Sydney are engaged in painting commercial establishments, such as restaurants, bars and retail stores. These painters are trained in using paints prepared to boost the aesthetic aspects of the establishments painted.

  • Paint used

Commercial painters in Sydney use paints formulated to cover, protect and make the areas painted pleasing to the eyes. In most cases, commercial painters use high-grade latex paints. Most commercial building owners favour latex paints because they dry quickly and allow the establishments to resume their operations sooner.

The paints utilised for painting industrial places are manufactured to provide a durable coating to surfaces and withstand the harsh conditions caused by the production type of environment.

What Are the Methods Used in Industrial Painting?

The number of paint application methods used for industrial painting increases over time. These changes are caused by evolving techniques and technological improvement. However, most industrial painters in Sydney prefer the use of the following methods.

  • Paintbrush method

Despite the continuous upgrade in technology, the use of paintbrushes of various sizes, shapes, styles, angles and patterns remains the favoured painting technique for most industrial painters in Sydney. The paintbrush method gets the job done without using electricity and other complicated procedures. 

  • Roller painting method

This is a widely used industrial painting method. Many painters prefer this technique in their painting projects because of its accessibility and versatility on large surfaces. Also, high-quality rollers allow the painters to paint, level and texture flat surfaces with utmost ease.

  • Air spray method

Air spraying uses a spray gun or a sprayer powered by air and fluid compression. This method also uses different nozzles and varying air pressure levels to achieve the desired paint texture, consistency and pattern.

  • Electrostatic air spraying method

The electrostatic air spraying method is a painting application technique used by the automotive industry. The method provides even coverage for various surfaces like doors, railings, metal fencing and windows.

The electrostatic painting method uses specialised equipment like air-assist guns and high volume, low pressure (HVLP) sprayers. Such equipment uses high voltage to ensure that the paint adheres to the surface and creates a solid and smoother finish.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Industrial Painters?

Talbot’s Services: Industrial Painting Services

The success of a painting project heavily depends on the performance of the painters. That’s why you should consider hiring painting contractors with extensive experience and know-how, such as Talbot’s Services.

At Talbot’s Services, we have the technical expertise that ensures on-time, safe and reliable delivery of medium to large-scale industrial projects.  Our 25 years of experience as industrial painters specialising in epoxy coatings will assure you that we can be your trusted partner across commercial and government projects. Call us on 02 8318 8080 for more details.

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