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Finding the Best Contractor For A Commercial Painting Job

What Company in Australia is Right For Your Commercial Painting Project?

A proven way to effectively solidify the feeling of breathing a new life into an aged commercial property is painting. Yes! Painting. Nothing beats the thrilling experience of doing a painting makeover. For business owners like you, this gives you a satisfying feeling. You can paint your walls as per your preference, making your place aesthetically pleasing. 

While painting can be an artistic way to renovate any building, it can be a pricey investment. That’s why make sure to find the most appropriate painting contractor to do the task as choosing the wrong contractor can cause you money. To help you with your selection process, here are some essential tips you can use to find the best commercial painters in Sydney.

Thorough Research

First things first, do your research properly when looking for the right commercial painting service. Assess the overall project to determine what type of service is suitable for you. Doing so allows you to see the benefits of contracting commercial painters in Sydney.

Level of Experience

You need painters with extensive years of experience to undertake your project. An ideal commercial painting contractor has the set of skills and capacity required to complete the task properly. So, consider checking the painting company’s portfolio on their website or social media pages and evaluate if they meet your standards or not. A reputable and trusted company has done a good number of painting jobs in the past—whether for individuals or organisations.

Licenced Painters

Avoid contracting painters with no licence. The local government requires every painting service company to acquire permits and licences before rendering services to customers. Thus, make sure your potential painting contractor is licensed so you’ll know if they have passed all the necessary tests required for their field.

Quality Service

Painting your building isn’t something you don’t want to repeat every couple of months. Regardless of how exciting this project can get, it can be quite expensive. That’s why go for professionals who can deliver high-quality service. A painting company that does not talk the talk, rather they walk the talk.

Insured Experts

Painting a commercial building can be potentially dangerous too. Therefore, it’s important you hire painters that are insured. In case of accidents, you won’t be held accountable for paying the damages. Given that the painters are insured, the insurance service provider will cover the damage or injury costs. It’s also best to find painting professionals who can deliver and complete your project within the agreed deadline.

How Do You Estimate a Commercial Painting Job?

You might think that hiring commercial painters in Sydney is pricey because they can perform any painting job. However, this may not always be the case. An industrial or commercial painting company assesses every job being handled and calculates the costs. If there is a need to use a large crew or hoists to rappel down a building, the company will charge you accordingly. 

Likewise, they will use a small team and calculate the cost of the small project if it’s only your office or shop that requires painting. On average, most commercial painters in Sydney charge between $40 and $60 per work for each worker. The job cost varies depending on the scale. 

Moreover, if commercial painters will have to work outside regular working hours, the painting company will have to charge you more. Otherwise, the rates are not much higher than residential painting projects if they operate during normal working hours. You may also need to close the business if you own a restaurant or boutique while the painters do their job or perhaps you can ask them to work after business hours. 

Apart from painting, commercial painters can also do the following services: 

  • Roof fixing/installation that requires safety or special equipment
  • Cleaning floors or pressure washing walls prior to the painting process
  • A shop or house fit-out that includes labour and material costs
  • Home or shop rendering
  • Wallpaper application.

For you to find out how much your commercial painting project costs, ask your contractor for quotes. Provide a detailed description, including other jobs necessary like a shop fit-out or rendering. 

The initial quotes may not be that accurate, but if you present more details, you’ll get the right estimate for the painting job you want. Your chosen commercial painting contractor will come to your place and discuss the project in full detail. Along with this is the inspection of the place and what work needs to be done. They can also provide you with an estimate based on their level of experience. 

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Painters in Sydney

Compared to general painters, commercial or industrial painting services specialise in handling projects with businesses. They can guarantee that they fully understand and cater to your specific needs. Expect the following if you’re going to hire experienced commercial painters in Sydney: 

  • There will be fewer business disruptions
  • Jobs are finished on budget and on time (considering your preferred schedule)
  • Professional and high-quality paints and finishes
  • Always following safety measures to ensure protection for your staff and the community
  • Colour consultation to assist you with the best options available

When commercial or industrial painting experts work outdoors, they take all safety precautions. They ensure not to disturb passers-by or workers going in and out of the establishments. Whenever they work inside the building, they do so efficiently and quickly. This is to make sure the job is done with less impact on the environment, especially when employees are around.

Talbot’s Services: The Best Commercial Painting Services in Australia

At Talbots Services, we are proud to provide premium painting services throughout the NSW area. Our personalised services are designed to adapt to your hectic lifestyle. We work diligently to make sure you get the highest quality of commercial painting services in Sydney. 

Regardless if you’re looking for regular maintenance or one-time clean, our team of experts can accomplish the job perfectly and timely. For more details about our services, call us on 02 8318 8080. We will be more than glad to assist you.

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