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What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painting?

People often think that commercial and residential painting jobs are one and the same. However, there’s a minor distinction between the two, and it’s important to understand them so you’ll know which service you need. 

Commercial vs Residential Painting

Commercial painting is about applying fresh paint to office establishments, apartments and other large facilities. This type of painting job caters for projects of different sizes; the larger the project, the bigger the team. Bigger projects also require more advanced equipment and different working shifts in order to get the job done. 

Residential painting, on the other hand, mainly focuses on home painting services. The home’s exterior and interior are prepared and painted. Unlike commercial ones, residential paint projects require less time and fewer painters. Residential painters can also cater to home items, such as decks, trim and cabinets. 

The Painting Scale

This is the major difference between commercial and residential painting services. When talking about commercial projects, that equates to major projects. Painting a manufacturing facility requires thorough planning, numerous human resources and tons of paint variants compared with painting a residential property.

Schedule Flexibility 

Commercial painters are highly time-flexible. They work with the client’s schedule, avoiding interruptions on their operations whilst they paint commercial spaces. This means they work at night or even during weekends. Residential painting is usually done during business hours.

Quantity of Paint

For commercial painting, the amount of paint to be used is higher compared to that in residential painting. It also takes more time for the project to finish. Residential painting often needs less paint for an exterior or interior project and requires less time. 

Materials and Equipment

Commercial painters use complex materials and equipment. Pressure washers, scaffolding, aerial lifts and sandblasters are some of the materials and equipment they use. They also work on various types of surfaces like concrete, wood, marble, metal and more. Meanwhile, residential painting contractors who work on small residential projects use rollers, step ladders, painting trays and others. These materials are almost similar to the paint supplies you can get on your own.

Project Management 

There is greater emphasis when it comes to productivity and efficiency in commercial painting. This is mainly because of the importance of timeliness and avoiding business interruptions. Delays are costly for the company, depending on the project’s size. So, large-scale projects often involve several contractors working hand in hand. Residential painting projects, on the other hand, are more relaxed when it comes to project management.

Knowledge and Expertise

Residential painters are very much skilled with regard to the type of paint needed and when talking with the homeowners. They are also knowledgeable in selecting colours that suit best the interior or exterior surfaces. Residential painters also know well how to safeguard furniture pieces and flooring whilst the painting is in progress. 

As for commercial painting, which can never be a DIY project, it requires more skill and concern for safety. A commercial painter must have endurance and experience in painting high or low infrastructures. 


Commercial painters may also do residential painting projects. Nevertheless, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, it’s always best to seek professional painters to do the job. 

If you need professional painters to do residential or commercial painting works for you, contact us at Talbot’s Services. We provide specialised painting services throughout Sydney and NSW. Call us on 02 8318 8080 today. 

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