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Painting the exterior of your house can be considered a good investment. Doing this offers many benefits. 

Firstly, it provides your home with a brand new and refreshed look. Secondly, painting the exterior provides the house with a layer of protection or a barrier against sunlight, rain and infestation. Thirdly, hiring professional service providers to do the job typically helps locate minor damage that could worsen when not repaired immediately. Thus, you can address such issues promptly.

Unfortunately, knowing how often the exterior of your house should be painted is quite tricky. This is because the need to paint the area is affected by various factors. These include the climate in your area, type of cladding and the quality of the previous paint used. 

However, if you are determined to have the house painted, you can ask advice from professional house painters in Sydney. These house painters near you may have extensive knowledge about exterior house paint, and it is best to seek relevant insights from them.

When Should I Paint the Outside of My House?

Knowing the best time to paint the exterior portion of your house is not that easy. Nevertheless, you can look for several signs that can be checked to help you decide whether consulting an exterior house paint is needed or not. These signs include the following.

1. Faded Paint

Many exterior house painters in Sydney would agree that faded paint is a sign that should prompt you to have the exterior painted. Faded paint makes the house look old, tired and sad. Instead of symbolising your accomplishments, the faded paint on the exterior could turn your home into an eyesore.

So, to boost your home’s curb appeal, hire the best house painters in Sydney and let them take charge of the painting job. 

2. Paint Wear and Tear

The presence of wear and tear on your home’s exterior house paint is a telltale sign that this needs to be painted. Seeing cracks, bubbles and peels from your home’s exterior surfaces strongly suggests that the old paint no longer adheres. When left unresolved, this could lead to more severe problems. Thus, it is best to get the best house painters in Sydney the moment you see the presence of wear and tear.

3. Gaps

Seeing gaps in the exterior surfaces of your house is a good indicator that you need to contact the best house painters in Sydney to avail of their service. This is because gaps can serve as entry points where moisture could come in and cause further damage. 

Why Should I Paint the Outside of My House?

Painting the exterior of the house offers a long list of benefits. This is why many homeowners are hiring the services of professional house painters for residential painting. But out of the said benefits, most of the homeowners consider the following as the most significant. 

1. Boosts the selling value of the house

Having the exterior of your house painted by professional house painters in Sydney is an effective way to improve its curb appeal and boost its value. Newly painted houses do not only look fresh and new. Instead, it creates a good impression, especially to potential buyers. Thus, you can increase the selling price of your newly painted house if you are planning to sell it.

2. Protects from natural elements

Having your house painted with high-quality paint provides it with an additional layer of protection against the natural elements. A painted exterior becomes more resilient to the possible effects of excessive sunlight. 

Also, this can protect the house against moisture which significantly increases during the winter season. Excessive moisture is the common cause of mould, mildew and rot buildup, which eventually degrade the exterior.

3. Helps prevent mould, mildew or rot buildup

Mould, mildew and rot buildup is regarded as a common enemy of your home. This is usually caused by constant exposure to excessive moisture. Mould and mildew significantly contribute to the deterioration of the wood used on the home’s exterior. When this happens, the wood incurs soft and weak spots and will eventually require the needed repairs.

Mould and mildew can be prevented from building up by having the exterior painted well. The technique is proven effective as the paint provides the wood with a layer of protection against moisture.

4. Prevents damage caused by termites

Finally, painting the exterior of your house made from wood effectively prevents termites from settling in and causing damage. When expertly applied by professional house painters in Sydney, the paint seals off the wood. Thus, termites and other bugs cannot enter.

Does Painting the House Protect It?

Painting the house’s exterior offers a layer of protection from various elements. When appropriately painted, the paint could remain on the surface. This could prevent the exterior from getting damaged due to moisture and the harsh effects of excessive sunlight. 

To obtain the best results and maximum protection, the exterior should be painted with the right type of paint at the right time. Hiring the services of the best house painters in Sydney is also a must. This is because they have the appropriate knowledge about exterior house painting and the corresponding best practices that go with it. 

For your residential painting needs, contact us at Talbot’s Services. We offer years of experience in painting and give you the quality service you deserve.

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