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Every property owner wants their edifice painted beautifully, especially the exteriors. The exterior is the face of the building or home, and it is the part that can be seen immediately from street view. If you’re the owner or property manager, your utmost concern is to get the best exterior painting services so that your building will look well maintained and appealing for many years. 

So, you’ll look for exterior house painting in Sydney whose works are exemplary. On the part of exterior painting contractors, they face various challenges on their own to ensure they deliver quality paint jobs and leave a high-performance exterior painting to every customer.

What Influences Painters in Their Choice of Exterior Painting Products?

Exterior house painting is far more different in terms of techniques compared to the interiors. As an owner you want to maintain a lasting impression by hiring skilled exterior painters who know how to sustain a good painting job and what necessitates the best procedures in painting.

Professional expert in exterior painting resolves common issues that degrade paint quality. What are these issues that occur in everyday wear and tear?

  • Quick paint fading
  • Chalking
  • Rough surface
  • Cracked paint
  • Presence of moulds and mildew
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Bug houses or cobwebs

Painting the exterior is a complex task and needs a lot of handholding. Prep alone is a challenge for painting contractors as they need to use techniques and paint products that will outlast the weather’s adversities.

So, what is the best way to paint the exterior? After resolving the factors, painting contractors recommend the use of high-performance paint.

What Is a High-Performance Paint?

The main point of using high-performance paints is to achieve the ultimate protection for walls and other exterior surfaces against dirt, stains, cracks, holes, mould growth, washability and more. 

Current technologies in exterior painting include the implementation of quality paint products to withstand harsh weather conditions. These exterior painting products combine the robustness of industrial-level strength and aesthetics of a designer-like finish to create a versatile and long-lasting finish.

Acrylic Coatings

Acrylics are widely used in exterior painting for:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to discolouration at high temperatures
  • Flexibility and toughness
  • Retention of gloss
  • Chemical resistance

One hundred percent acrylic formulations are durable and flexible, and they adhere well to various substrates, such as wood, stucco and masonry. If you want to minimise costs without sacrificing performance, look for a multi-surface acrylic suitable for a broad range of interior and exterior substrates.


Epoxies offer an ultra-durable chemical and abrasion-resistant finish. Epoxy paint works well for various applications and can be used to defend a variety of substrates from degradation.

Look for a pre-catalysed waterborne epoxy that provides a solvent and impact-resistant finish for the following surfaces: block, drywall, masonry and concrete.

But when it comes to industrial maintenance environments and high-performance architectural structures, choose a hard-wearing all-purpose gloss epoxy that provides chemical and abrasion resistance.

For metal applications where corrosion resistance is crucial like roof gutters and flashing, look for an aqua-based catalysed epoxy resin paint that has low chemical emissions and meets VOC regulations.


Urethane additives are utilised in both alkyd and water-based coatings. These offer superb weathering and abrasion resistance. Urethane formulas provide maximum durability and serve as a general-purpose maintenance enamel for both interiors and exteriors in industrial settings.

The coating can be applied on surface prepped steel, aluminium, wood, concrete, masonry and drywall in a variety of environmental conditions.

Benefits of High-Performance Coatings

Regardless of the specific formula you choose, a paint rated for high-performance coating has the following benefits:

  • Withstands heavy wear and harsh conditions than conventional coatings.
  • Contain more prime pigments that provide vivid colour and hide. This in contrast to lower priced extender pigments that only add bulk but little colour.
  • Contain premium binders that adhere to surfaces better and offer optimum film integrity, thus making them more invulnerable to cracking and peeling as time passes.
  • Low-performing paints consist of more filler pigments, fewer binders and lower quality materials.

What Type of Exterior Paint Is Best?

The type of exterior painting products you should use will depend on various factors, including climate and aesthetic preferences.

Look at  the different paint formulas and where they are best applied.


Acrylics are typically made with high-quality ingredients that give them a thick and viscous consistency. Chemical-based acrylic paints are more elastic and can expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. Hence, acrylic paint is ideal for exterior paint applications.


For a more affordable paint option, consider water-based latex paints. Latex is easy to apply, clean up and also quick to dry. Similar to acrylic paints, latex paint can expand in warm temperatures and contract when everything starts to cool.


Oil-based paints are that popular today because of their associated health risks. These paints, when wet, emit hazardous fumes. However, oil-based paints can be safe to use outdoors where there is ventilation.

Oil-based paint is still one of the best paints for exterior painting projects. Oil paints shrink less compared to latex and acrylic, withstand high-traffic areas and glide smoothly and dry to a smooth and hard surface.

Talbot’s Services: The Best Commercial Painters in Sydney

Choosing a top-quality and high-performing coating matters greatly when you want your exterior painting project to last for years. Whether for residential or commercial painter settings, it is crucial to understand how durability is defined in the context of a project to help you select products that will provide an outcome that meets your expectations.

Choose painting contractors with extensive knowledge in choosing the best exterior painting products.

Talbots Services has 25 years of painting, remedial and abseiling experience. If you need information on what we do, call us on 02 8318 8080. We ensure to offer our expertise and combine them with the best quality products to deliver results you can be proud of.

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