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Everything You Need to Know About Residential Paint Contractor

Your homes need repainting around every two years. And the exterior would need to be repainted more often than the interior because it is constantly more exposed to wear and tear. The exterior’s paint is bound to fade and lose its original glow quicker due to different weather conditions. Also, the wall’s surface expands or contracts and paints warp and crack due to the variations in temperature. When this happens, you will know it is time to repaint.

Should You Do the Painting Yourself or Hire a Professional Residential Painter?

Painting can seem to be easy. However, professional residential painters are there for a reason. Let us examine the differences between hiring a pro and doing the painting yourself.


A home painting project can take time. If you decide to paint your home by yourself, you could spend weeks of your precious time painting your home, when in fact, you can simply hire professional house painters in Sydney to get the painting job done in just a matter of days.

Residential paint contractors usually have a team of people working on one house at any given time. Compared to just yourself (and maybe a few friends you can drag in) painting a house, a full crew of professional residential painters will be able to finish the job faster.


Whilst wall painting is not rocket science, professional residential painters in Sydney have several techniques up their sleeves to make sure that your paint not only looks good but can also withstand the weather conditions in your location.

As professional painters, they will know what type of paint to use on different kinds of surfaces as well as know how to prep the surface before painting. This ensures that the paint actually sticks to the surface and will not chip off that easily.

Professional residential painters in Sydney will also know the critical areas in your home that need to be painted. This includes hard-to-reach areas that are susceptible to mould growth, such as the small gaps under or above the doors or windows. 


Professional residential painters in Sydney know the risks that come with painting services. In addition to having insurance, these painters have the knowledge and skills to complete the job with minimal risks of accidents involved.


If you think that you can get significant cost savings if you do the painting job yourself, think again. If you weigh all factors in—time, quality and safety—the costs of doing it yourself might not be as cheap as you think. Simply hiring the experts would give you peace of mind and extra time for your family, which makes hiring painting services all worth it.

Some Considerations When Hiring a Professional Residential Painters in Sydney

Before you search for ‘painting services near me’, you should know what to expect from a residential paint contractor. So, when the time comes, you will know what to ask and be able to make an informed decision when hiring the best residential painters in Sydney.

Licence and Insurance

When acquiring painting services, make sure that the paint contractor has the proper licence to do business. They must also have insurance in case of accidents or something goes wrong. As the hiring party, this protects you from any liabilities. 

Thorough Estimates

When asking the paint contractor for a cost estimate of the painting services project, expect a complete walkthrough from the paint contractor. They will ask you about the project and physically inspect the building to take measurements. From this, the paint contractor will provide you with a formal proposal, which will include the scope of the services and a breakdown of the costs and schedule.


Professional residential painters in Sydney know that to make customers happy, they should be able to deliver according to customer specifications. This includes the specific colours that customers would like and any finishing touches that they may like to add as well.

Some customers may not know the specific name of the colours they like and may have some difficulty expressing their vision for their homes. So, professional paint contractors should be able to effectively communicate with the customers to grasp this vision. These paint contractors may make recommendations based on how they understood the client’s wishes, and if needed, will provide actual sample colours to minimise any misunderstandings.


The process of residential painting can be messy with occasional dripping paint here and there. Thus, an important aspect of the painting services is the cleaning process. This is particularly very important if you are living in your home while they do the painting services from the exterior parts of your home.

Professional residential painters in Sydney must be able to assure you that they will do the cleanup quickly and at their own time and expense. This includes tidying up after a day’s work.

Final Touch-ups

When the painting job has been completed, and the paint contractors have done a great job, then there is no problem. But, what if there is a variation in the original specifications?

As the paint contractor, they should be able to fix these variations at no additional cost to you (unless you are happy with the result of the variation). This does not include if, for example, you changed your mind halfway through the project. Any additional workup which was not specified in the contract would mean additional costs to you as the customer.

Talbot’s Services: The Best Residential Painters in Sydney

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