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Why Should You Hire a Professional House Painting Company?

Every few years or so, your house may start to look stale and bland with the paint chipping and watermarks ruining your walls. Seeing your home in such a state is heartbreaking.

Giving your home a new paint that’s fitting for both the interior and exterior can drastically improve how it looks and increase the home value if you plan to sell it later. This means it’s time for some much-needed house painting. 

The question is, ‘Who’s going to do the interior and exterior house painting?’. You might think you’re up for the job and equally qualified to paint your home like professional painters Sydney. Perhaps, home renovation videos and blogs convinced you that it’s much better to opt for a DIY painting project because of how much cheaper it is to buy the materials yourself.

Is It Better to Hire Painters or Do-It-Yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with DIY painting projects, provided you have enough experience and recognise the gravity of hard work and time involved with the planning, preparation and painting processes. An eye for detail and artistry is needed for such tasks and if you have neither of these, maybe it’s time to think of a better option. 

How about hiring professional painting services? Before you protest and return to your original plan of doing it yourself, hear us out first. This article will give you the best reasons to hire professional painters and the benefits you gain as a house owner. 

Exterior Versus Interior Painting

Before we list the benefits of hiring a professional house painter, let’s first discuss the differences between exterior and interior painting. Whilst there are different contractors for exterior and interior painting, they share similar advantages of hiring professional painting services. 

One significant difference is the scale of the painting job. Exterior painting requires intensive preparation and special considerations. Contractors need equipment, such as ladders or metal scaffoldings to reach higher places. The sidings you have on your house exterior also need special consideration. House exteriors also require different paint to protect the walls from mildew, moulds and fading. 

On the other hand, interior painting can be smaller in scale but requires a longer preparation process to remove furniture and wall decors and apply drop cloth to protect the floorings from paint. Interior paints also use a different formulation to allow for cleaning and resisting stains. 

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Painting Services

Whilst we’re not discouraging DIY painting projects since they also have their advantages, there may be circumstances where getting a painting contractor places your home improvement plans in much better hands and can save you money, time and effort.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of hiring professional painters for your home. 

  • Saves Precious Time [H3]

Painting your house takes time well-spent off your schedule, and professional painters can complete it within a day or two; doing it is not as easy as it looks. 

Homeowners would think that dabbing a fresh coat of paint is easily the most accessible home project one can do. Painting may seem intuitive, but it requires so much preparation that beginners might take more than a week to finish. Once finished, the result is usually not what they expect.

Research has shown that about two-thirds of homeowners regret doing their DIY home projects. Topping off this list is painting, followed by tile-setting and hardwood floor installation. 

  • No More Prep Work [H3]

Whilst we’re on the topic of time-saving, one process takes more time than the painting itself, and that’s the preparation. Preparation is crucial in any house painting job and can make or break the home improvement project. Holes, cracks, dust and uneven surfaces can significantly hinder painting. The paint may not stick to the surface evenly and adequately, leading to air bubble formations. These air bubbles can damage your newly painted walls and you may have to repeat the painstaking process. 

Professional painters can take the nitty-gritty work of wall-prepping off your hands and do it much more efficiently and smoothly. They also do the furniture moving and make sure the flooring and side panels are protected from damage and paints. Professional painters also do the clean-up work after everything else is done. 

  • Professional Experience [H3]

Professional painters live and breathe painting, figuratively, of course. They have years of experience and have done all kinds of painting jobs imaginable. The mastery of their craft is well worth your money and time and shows in their finished product. They understand your vision for the house and can make it into reality. They can even provide better suggestions and advice. Painting contractors also recognise small and big issues they may encounter during the painting process and have solutions. 

  • Professional Painters Are Colour and Paint Product Experts [H3]

Professional painters wouldn’t be called professionals if they didn’t know their colours and the different paint product types. Suppose you have a colour already in mind and want it painted in one of your rooms. The problem is that the colour makes your room feel claustrophobic without you recognising it. 

Professional painters can visualise what your room would look like, considering the natural lighting, furniture and other factors and how well a colour would blend in. This eye for detail makes a big difference and can significantly improve your original vision of the room. 

  • Have the Right Tools [H3]

Whilst you may have a few brushes and rollers in your garage or basement, you don’t need to lend them to a professional painter or buy tools. Painting contractors have a complete set of equipment and tools for a specific type of painting, such as general coating and detailing. They also have cleaning materials to make your home spotless after painting. Not only will professional painters save you time and effort, but they will also mark down your costs. 

  • Insurance and Proper Health Standards [H3]

Professional painting companies adhere to a strict set of safety protocols and health guidelines to protect their employees and clients and ensure no untoward accidents happen at your home. This is for your peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about shouldering liability costs if ever an accident occurs. If a painting job isn’t up to par with their company standards, the company can shoulder the repair costs, which is part of the insurance. 

Talbot’s Services: The Best Painting Services in Sydney

Regarding quality and excellence alone, hiring professional painting services is the go-to option to give your home the best makeover it deserves. The benefits mentioned above only scratch the surface. Professional painting companies like us can provide you painting services that go above and beyond and provide excellent customer service. If you’re looking for the best house painter in Sydney, look no further and connect with us at Talbot’s Services. We can set up a consultation and quotation at your convenience.