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What Are the Best Ways to Clean High-Rise Windows?

You wouldn’t want an obstructed view so you’ve planned to get a commercial window cleaning service for your building? That’s good news! 

More than having clear glasses, getting a professional window cleaner is a safe option in cleaning high-rise windows. These experts in window cleaning use specialised height safety equipment to do the job. It’s much safer than doing it yourself.

Nevertheless, here are some important details that you should know about high-rise window cleaning.

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned

It’s safe to say that every company wants to project a positive branding onto the general market. Whether you’re working in the company’s office, own a personal business or being part of any other establishment, getting your windows professionally cleaned is essential to project the appropriate image.

Commercial window washing should be included in your budget to maintain the property. The frequency with which you should have it cleaned is determined by a variety of factors: 

Location: If your facility is located somewhere on a very active street, your windows will become more contaminated at a faster rate, which will, in turn, require more frequent cleaning.

Weather: Areas where frequent rain or snow occurs would necessitate the use of a professional cleaning business to wash the windows on a regular basis and remove the water filth.

Foot Traffic: It’s of utmost importance to consider the size of the building itself, the number of staff present each day and the number of people going through your building. These particulars may have an impact on window cleanliness.

Structure: While a distinctive style might make your organization stand out, certain elements may accumulate more dirt and grime and require more regular cleanup.

Landscaping: If your facility is surrounded by a tricky environment, air particles may demand much more regular cleaning.

When developing a window cleaning plan, the sort of business you operate will most likely be the most important deciding element. Here is a simple guideline to help you calculate how frequently the windows need to be cleaned: 

Restaurants: In determining the necessity for more regular maintenance, you should consider the sorts of consumers you serve. Air in restaurants is also usually filled with moisture. As a result, we recommend the restaurant windows be properly fixed and maintained every two weeks. 

Retail Stores: Business in the retail industry is extremely competitive. Maintaining a favorable reputation and earning repeat clients both require a strong first impression. Remember that your windows will be the first things customers will notice when they pass by your store. With such a lot of traffic passing by, windows should be cleaned every two weeks as well. Spot cleaning, on the other hand, should be done on a daily basis. 

Hospitals and Clinics: Whether it’s managing dentist offices, medical offices and hospitals, or other institutions, you know a hygienic atmosphere is essential for giving patients something to look forward to. 

Office Buildings: Unlike the previously stated establishments, office buildings normally do not require professional window cleaning on a regular basis. Instead, it would be around every two months for it to be thoroughly cleaned. However, because the lobby generally acts as the image of your company, a wise choice would be to have that part of the building’s windows cleaned regularly. 

Best Ways to Clean Windows of Your High Rise Building

There are multiple ways to clean your windows. Let’s discuss them here.

Pop-Out Windows

If your window panes can be removed from frames, all you have to do is pop them out, organize and start cleaning. To avoid damaging the glass, a microfibre cloth will usually do the trick. Add a plastic bucket for soap and water, and another cloth to wipe it all up and you’ll be good to go. 

Because a lot of filth may have accumulated on your window for a significant period of time, don’t treat it as a surprise if it’ll take multiple times to clean. That is, you should take your time in cleaning. Finally, keep in mind that the screens of the window should be washed as well. 

For Tiled and Fixed Windows

Cleaning windows that can’t be moved may be an athletic task. In the case of these windows, a gliding cleaner should be used to get rid of filth quickly. The outer piece is held in position by a powerful attractor as you slide it over the window, making the operation nearly seamless. 

Common Tools For High-Rise Window Cleaning

Here are some of the most common tools being used for high-rise window cleaning:

Bosun’s Chair

A single washer is commonly used for this procedure which is designed for window cleaning that takes a significant amount of time. However, the worker should be careful and cautious on site. If something goes wrong, the worker could have the possibility of falling.

Water Fed Pole

When the structure isn’t extremely tall, the best tool to use would be the water fed pole. The cleaning specialist may avoid using perilous ladders by using the telescopic pole which can go up to 8 meters high. The procedure makes use of water and allows for safe cleaning at street level.

High Rise Self-Climbing Machine

This is the most recent and most secure process available. All of the job is done at high elevations by machine that effectively cleans multi-storey structures while posing no risk to workers. The machine may be easily adapted to meet the unique needs and is regarded as the quickest and most efficient method.

It saves workers from most of the labor that they should be doing, making it cost-effective for building occupants as well. The system also helps clean windows efficiently and for an extended period of time because it operates from the top of the tower. Overall, this commercial high rise window cleaning approach increases the structure’s lifespan and gives it a more pleasant experience on the outside.

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