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Maintaining sparkling clean windows is crucial for both the appearance and energy performance of a building. On the aesthetic front, clean windows enable natural light to flood into space, creating a bright and welcoming ambience. Moreover, they offer a clear view of the exterior, which is particularly important in commercial or public spaces that frequently use large windows to showcase the surrounding area.

From an energy efficiency point of view, clean windows can help control the heat and light entering a building. It helps lower energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. Furthermore, maintaining clean windows is important not only for appearance and energy efficiency but also for preserving the windows and the structure in which they are located.

In this guide, you will learn all about window cleaning. Read on to know the right tools and materials, as well as the right techniques. 

Tools and Materials Used for Cleaning Windows

Knowing how to clean unreachable windows starts with knowing the tools first. Cleaning windows may seem difficult, but it becomes much more manageable with the proper equipment and supplies. The key items for window cleaning include a squeegee, a brush or scrubber, and a container to hold the cleaning solution. A ladder or extension pole may also be required for windows that are out of reach. 

  1. Squeegee

Squeegees play a vital role in keeping windows clean as they are used to remove water and cleaning products from the window surface, resulting in a streak-free finish. For optimal results, use a squeegee with a rubber edge that is flexible, long-lasting and a handle that is easy to hold and maneuver.

  1. Scrubber or Scrub Brush

When cleaning windows, it’s crucial to prepare the surface by eliminating dirt and grime before applying the cleaning solution. Scrubbers or scrub brushes can be used to do this task. These tools come in various shapes and sizes and can be made of plastic, rubber or nylon. When choosing the best scrubber or scrub brush, consider the type of dirt and grime that needs to be removed, as well as the type of surface of the window. 

  1. Bucket or Container

A cleaning solution is a substance that helps remove dirt and grime from windows before cleaning them. Many different cleaning solutions are available in the market, but a simple and effective homemade option would be a mixture of water and vinegar. 

However, if you buy a readymade solution from the market, make sure to thoroughly read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the window before using it on the entire surface to ensure it won’t cause any damage. 

Preparation for Cleaning Windows

Want to know how to clean unreachable windows? Here’s how you can do it.

  1. The initial step is to assemble all the necessary items, such as a bucket, squeegee, sponge or brush, window cleaning solution and a ladder (if needed). It’s also helpful to have some old towels or rags available to dry the windows and clean up any spills.
  2. After that, ensure that the windows are free of dust and cobwebs by wiping them down with a dry cloth. If they are especially dirty, you may have to use a sponge or brush with a little bit of water to remove any grime or stains. 
  3. After the windows are cleaned, you can proceed with the cleaning process. Cleaning windows on a cool and cloudy day or in a shaded area can prevent unsightly streaks.
  4. Begin by preparing your cleaning solution according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and then pour it into a bucket. 
  5. Using a sponge or scrub brush, apply the solution to the windows. 
  6. Next, use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution, dirt, and grime from the windows, starting at the top and working your way down. If necessary, repeat this process.

Cleaning Techniques You Should Try

Maintaining clean windows can be a time-consuming and tiresome task, but it’s crucial for preserving the appearance and longevity of your windows. These simple tips will help you on how to clean unreachable windows

  • Use a brush or cloth to remove any loose dirt or debris. 
  • Work in small sections and rinse frequently. 
  • Wipe the blade of the squeegee after each pass to remove dirt. 
  • Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe the window in a circular motion to avoid any residues of lint or fibres. 
  • Mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply them to the stains to remove hard water stains.

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To wrap it up, note that keeping your windows spotless is necessary for multiple reasons. It enhances the look of your residence or workspace and enables sunlight to shine through, which can elevate your mood and energy. You can easily attain streak-free windows by considering the suggestions and methods outlined in this guide. Also, remember to use proper equipment and cleaning materials, and be cautious when working at heights.

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