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Property Painting: A Beginner’s Guide

Property Painting: A Beginner’s Guide

Painting enhances the visual appeal and ambience of your home or building. Mixing a great combination of paint colours conveys personality and enhances your space’s aesthetic. 

However, it takes skill to paint a house. It is a challenging task, and it’s not everyone’s preference either. When painting your home’s interior and exterior areas, you ought to consider a few things. Doing so guarantees vibrant paint colours remain long-lasting. 

Hiring a professional house painting contractor like Talbot’s Services can help you get the job done fast and smoothly.

Getting Started with Painting

To prepare surfaces for exterior house painting and various paint types and paint jobs, you’ll need a wide range of materials. Start out using excellent brushes. Quality ones feature a smooth handle, sturdy, securely connected bristles and superb balance—this is depending on what type of paint you’ve chosen, either synthetic or natural. 

A good brush will survive for many years of house painting if it is well-maintained. Drop cloths, roller frames with coverings, quart-sized paint buckets (ideally with handles) and 4′′ and 8′′ extension rods used for both indoors and outdoors are additional necessities. 

There’s no single way to paint your interior walls in the best ways possible. However, professionals like us at Talbot’s Services have techniques that optimise productivity, all whilst delivering amazing results.

Most professionals who paint exteriors begin by house painting the siding before moving on to the trim. To save time, many professionals spray-paint siding to obtain superior results.

When Is the Best Time to Paint?

Depending on your area or where you live, you should know when and how long to paint your house’s exterior. It’s a little bit simpler in places with constant sunshine and warm temperatures. It can take four to five days to paint a typical-sized home if you’ll hire professionals to handle the job. However, if you’re doing the work yourself, be prepared for that period to double or even more.

Exterior paint may typically dry in an hour, but humidity might slow down the pace. Also, if the temperature is high, think about the health and safety of the painters. The best time to paint the exterior of your home is usually in the spring or fall when the temperatures are milder. As for the interior part of your home, you can do it all year round because there are fewer factors involved with house painting. However, if it’s humid, the paint may streak and take too long to dry. Whilst it’s preferable to wait for drier weather, a dehumidifier can effectively desiccate moisture in your space if you need to paint.

DIY Painting vs Hiring Professional Painters

Cost, convenience, safety, maintenance, colours and application are just the many things you need to consider when painting either the exterior or interior of your home. However, the question is: should you hire a professional exterior house painting contractor or DIY the process?

Pros of Self-Painting Your Home

Listed in no particular order, let’s start with some of the benefits of painting your own home.

  • Not having to pay for labour is certainly the primary benefit. However, a DIY paint job won’t be free as you’ll have to buy paint and other materials. 
  • You have more control over how things turn out when you paint things yourself. Whilst you shouldn’t worry about this kind of thing when hiring the right house painting contractor, some owners fear that their contractor won’t be able to follow the right design or shading. When you DIY it, you are in total control of everything.

Cons of Self-painting Your Home

Here are some cons of DIY-ing a home painting. 

  • You sacrifice the opportunity of getting professional advice. Getting help as to what type of paint to use is crucial, which is something you’ll get when you hire professional painting contractors.
  • The main disadvantage is that you may not receive the desired degree of quality. Painting is more complicated than it appears to look, and novices are prone to making careless, affecting the results. 
  • The other main drawback is time. Since house painting is a notoriously long and laborious task, you may be unable to finish it as you don’t have time to do so yourself. 
  • Professional painters are quite fastidious and will surely take good care of your home. Making sure it’s tidy and uncluttered afterwards. When you handle the work alone, it’s easy to spill paint or cause other property damage. And this is something you should prevent from happening.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

The following are the significant benefits of hiring professional painters in Sydney to help you paint your home.

  • An extensive task. As property owners, it’s vital to take pride in your home and make it look as exemplary as you can. Hence, the importance of hiring professional painting contractors to do the job for you. 
  • Hiring a professional painting contractor is more efficient. They can do professional painting faster and more efficiently than you could.
  • Helps reduce stress. Not to mention the time it takes to paint, in general, house painting can be stressful. Let the help of professional painters in Sydney prevent the painting from becoming difficult for you. Soon, all of your painting needs will be met, and all you’ll have to do is find joy in your walls’ newly painted surfaces.

Cons of Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

Nevertheless, it is essential to consider that there are also cons to this. 

  • Hiring a professional is costly. Hiring professional painters in Sydney will indeed cost you money, just like hiring any other professional.
  • You have to adjust to their needs. It’s possible that you already have plans in place to improve and decorate your house, but you may need to change them to make room for the painters’ schedule.

Quick House Painting Tips

It’s quite something when painting is done professionally. Use these pointers whilst painting your home interior or exterior for a more visually appealing result. 

  • Buy premium roller covers and brushes.
  • Purchase premium paint quality.
  • Clean the surface using a tack cloth.
  • The duct tape test is a way to check for loose paint.
  • To avoid overlap marks, keep a wet edge.
  • Mask clean areas with film using masking tape.
  • Apply low-stick painter’s tape generously.

Talbot’s Services: The Best Residential and Commercial Painters in Sydney

There’s nothing wrong with doing a DIY paint job, and occasionally it’s a wise choice. However, know that it could take up more of your time than you expected and that it might not be as straightforward as you thought. In the end, you probably would think that hiring professionals is the best course of action. 

That said, for tasks like painting your home or large commercial projects, Talbot’s Services offers superior painting services that deliver the best results when you work with one of our professional and best house painters in Sydney. We value our customers and aim for efficiency with our professionalism and honesty. Our skilled painters are known for their performance and ability to provide the finest calibre of painting for every project. 

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