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Painting Commercial Buildings: How Is It Different?

Everyone likes newly painted houses and offices. Especially when commercial complexes are painted, the look the new paint gives them is more than refreshing. It looks like the building was made all over again.

We all get our homes and rooms painted a lot of times. However, when it comes to painting commercial buildings, a lot of things are different. The main difference, however, is the scale on which the painting takes place.

Painting commercial complexes differs from painting residential buildings or homes in many ways. Here are some of these differences. 

1. Scale On Which The Painting Will Take Place

May it be in terms of the workforce required or in terms of the materials that go in, the scale of the project varies a lot. In residential projects, the material required is a lot less. Even if the customer’s wish is to paint the entire house internally and externally, the required materials will be much less.

On the other hand, commercial painting projects are conducted on a very large scale. The commercial projects include many structures like airports, buildings, shopping malls, etc. Hence, the efforts and time taken for this project are also more. 

2. Workforce

How much to paint a commercial building depends on the scale and workforce needed for a project, as well as the type of building being painted. The number of professionals involved in residential projects is much less compared to commercial ones. Companies that work in commercial painting, like us at Talbot’s Services, hire a huge number of painters in order to complete the work in the given time. However, residential painting involves a lot less workforce since the time required and space to be covered is less.

3. Type And Number Of Paint And Equipment

Residential painting involves less area that needs to be covered compared to commercial projects. Hence, the type of equipment and the paint required is also different. The materials used in residential painting are also very easy to find in any store around you. Brushes, ladders, drop cloths, painting trays, rollers and cleaning materials can be found in any retail store or mall.

However, the materials used in commercial painting need to be sourced in huge numbers, and the materials that the painters work with are also very different. Painters in Sydney who work on commercial projects need to be well aware of industry-scale equipment and its handling. The entire equipment supply for commercial projects differs from paint sprayers to industry-grade paints.

4. Experience Of The Service Providers

Although experience and expertise are required for any project, painting commercial buildings requires a lot more skills and factors to be considered. Depending on the height of the ceilings and the type of painting expected, the painters need different techniques and expertise. 

5. Safety Concerns

The height of the ceilings and homes in residential painting is usually lower. However, that is not the case with commercial complexes. Higher roofs and bigger buildings make it essential for commercial painters to ensure their safety. For projects like these, ladders are either replaced, or the height is increased. Either of that is a safety concern since there is a risk. However, expert service providers like Talbot’s Services make sure that no harm is caused during the painting to either the painters or anyone else. 

Talbot’s Services: The Best Commercial Painters in Sydney

Painting your building in an attractive way will help you attract more people and give off a great image of your company. With Sydney being home to so many different companies, a good first impression is a great way to stand out. 

When thinking about painting a commercial complex, it is necessary to make sure that the services you choose are reliable and have the required expertise. With Talbot’s Services, you get an opportunity to hire some of the best professionals in the field and make your commercial complex as good as new. Talbot’s Services is Sydney’s leading commercial painting service, which enables companies on all scales to avail of the best painting services. 

Our professionals are well-equipped with knowledge and experience that is enough to make your building look fresh, new, welcoming and attractive. If you want answers to your questions like how much to paint a commercial building, how long it will take and what precautions need to be taken, make sure to get in touch with us today.

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