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When customers or clients visit your business, you want to ensure that it represents your brand in the best possible light. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to choose the right colours for your building. The colours you select convey various messages, from modern and professional to approachable and friendly.

This makes considering the overall look you hope to achieve before making any final decisions essential. With planning, the right colours can help you create a commercial building that reflects the values of your business.

Before you find a commercial painting contractor, read on to see the importance of bringing colour to your building.

Why Is Colour Important for Your Commercial Building?

Commercial painting is different from residential painting. At home, you can choose the colour you like. Though you can still pick the proper paint you want for your business, knowing the psychology behind every hue will give you an advantage. Colour psychology is essential as it explains the advantages and disadvantages of knowing the right colour for your brand.

When used expertly, commercial painting will boost your business productivity and improve client relations because your employee’s mood is set in the right place. It triggers emotions and sets the tone for your business, so it is more than just aesthetic.

Furthermore, choosing the right colour makes your business stand out. Being recognisable from a distance sets your business apart from others. People will know what you see from a distance, and you have established your identity. 

If you already have a brand colour, sticking to it is better than choosing a different colour palette as it will confuse your target audience. Staying true to your brand gives an impression of a solidly established business in a particular industry.

What Kind of Paint Is Used in Commercial Buildings?

Let’s briefly differentiate the interior from the exterior of your building. 

The interior and exterior walls of your commercial building are different due to how it is exposed to elements. 

Exterior walls are prone to weathering. Since it is the most exposed part of your building, exterior walls’ paint quickly fades. Extreme weather, such as storms, heat waves and hail, is a great reason why maintenance of your commercial painting is required at least every 3 to 5 years, depending on the condition. 

As for your interior walls, consistent use of the air conditioning unit may also cause unlikely moulds and mildews that eat up most of the paint. Also, consider the lack of sunlight due to location. Moisture build-up is most prominent in dark and humid places. So, find the right time to use indoor ventilation and clean your walls to avoid chipping and mould growth.

The best paint for commercial buildings depends on where you want to paint. In choosing the kind of paint to use, whether interior or exterior part of your commercial building, professional commercial painting contractors will help you. 

Now, let’s talk about the different kinds of paint.

  1. Enamel 

Commonly used for wood and metal surfaces, this kind of paint has a glossy finish that is durable and can last a long time.

  1. Acrylic

This paint dries quickly and can have multiple finishes, from glossy and semi-gloss to almost matte with a little shine finish. Acrylic paint is primarily used in the exterior of the building due to its water-resistant and durable properties.

  1. Latex

Latex is less expensive and is mainly used in interior residential painting. Latex paint also dries quickly and is water-based.

Modern commercial building paint colours come in a variety of new paints. For example, coffee shops set the trend of using whiteboard paint that turns a wall into a whiteboard. Menus can be written here, and you can easily wipe off any markers used. 

On the other hand, excellent roof paint is used mainly on the roof of your building to reflect the sun’s heat, keeping the temperature inside cool and reducing electricity costs.

What Is the Most Productive Colour for an Office?

Colour has a significant impact on how people perceive it. You can get hungry by seeing red and yellow because it is associated mainly with food chains. Another is that looking at the colour green transports you to calm and soothing nature. 

So, let’s see what colours mean for your business.

  1. Neutral
  • White—Gives an impression of a clean clinical vibe. White is used chiefly in hospitality facilities. 
  • Grey, cream, beige—The safest option for commercial buildings that cater to multiple offices. These colours are often seen in banks and municipal buildings.
  • Black—Though it has a rebel reputation on its own, black paints, coupled with golds and blues, can provide luxury and elegance. 
  1. Bold
  • Red—Is energetic and vibrant. This colour, as bold as it is, establishes attention. It can be associated with warnings and cautions, so tread carefully when using red. 
  • Orange—Is also an attention grabber. It leans towards a more optimistic, enthusiastic and youthful approach. Orange is used in the office lounge to encourage conversations and social interactions.
  • Yellow—Also boosts attention. It is said that yellow is good for memory retention and is often used in training rooms that provide better productivity. It sets a mood of happiness and determination.
  1. Cool
  • Blue—Is mainly used for department stores. A lighter shade of blue is typical on conference halls, giving a neutral and respectable area. For some other businesses, blue is calm even in a darker shade that creates a welcoming and relaxing environment.
  • Purple—In ancient times, purple is mostly for the royals. This colour pigment was a rare find and was expensive before. Still now associated with royalty and fantasy, purple with its sophisticated hue is used in beauty shops and bars.
  • Green—Is nature. So, when used in offices, it stimulates the mind away from stress and tiredness. You can incorporate green by placing indoor plants for a fresh environment.

How Do You Paint a Building?

Applying paint to your building, more importantly outside, is a massive task. Take time choosing the commercial painting contractors that offer not just using paint but also provide the most complex strata painting. 

Strata painting deals with large and multi-level commercial buildings. Strata painters are highly skilled interior and exterior painters. Not only do they apply paint, but they may also fix concrete repairs and thorough cleaning from stains, graffiti and more. By using strata maintenance and repairs, you are guaranteed with its long-lasting protection from harsh weather conditions, corrosion and pest damage. 

Talbot’s Services: The Best Commercial Painting Services in Sydney

Understanding colours and their application for any commercial structure will give you a heads up on where to find the best commercial painting contractors. Why look elsewhere when Talbot’s Services is available in Sydney? We pride ourselves on over 1000 painting jobs that only our highly skilled painters can do. Also, we are one of the commercial painting businesses that offer highly complex strata painting. 

Give us a call at 02 8318 8080, and let’s discuss what we can do for your commercial building.

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