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Steps to an Effective Commercial Painting Maintenance Plan

Making a good impression for your company starts with how your office building looks to incoming clients and visitors. If you haven’t thought of seriously considering your commercial building’s painting, this is the sign. See for yourself how professional painting maintenance can elevate your business.

How Often Should Commercial Buildings Be Painted?

On average, professional painting services in Sydney recommend painting maintenance work at least 3-5 years after the last paint job. Here is a checklist to consider on deciding when to contact your commercial pro painters:

1. Peeling off and faded colour

For your company’s building paint maintenance, you will have to consider the exterior and interior paint conditions. Is the current paint job showing signs of peeling off and being rundown? Are the colours starting to look dull? If you see these signs, then it looks like your building could use the expert hands and care of a good paint maintenance contractor.

Your building’s exterior is regularly exposed to conditions, such as harsh sunlight, strong rains and winds, cold weather, as well as pollution and dirt. It may not be the same for the interior, but hard-to-clean corners and leak-prone areas are starting points for wear. All these are contributing to the paint losing its quality. Using before and after photos as references can be helpful to see how much the paint has changed over time.

2. Adds to building damage

Paint not only makes your building look good; it protects your office from UV rays, extreme temperatures, fungi and other potentially harmful elements. Letting the paint deteriorate can expose your office building to the risk of damage, rotting and aging. If the paint is no longer effective in protecting your building’s exterior and interior office walls, then it’s time to call a painting professional in Sydney.

3. Cleaning is pointless

Has dirt accumulated and become stubbornly difficult to clean? Companies are advised to have regular pressure washing to get rid of hardened grime and keep the premises vibrant and clean. However, if you notice that washing no longer improves how the paint looks, it may be time to call the expert painters in Sydney for a schedule.

4. New colours and rebranding

New colour scheme, logo changes and update of your brand to increase its appeal – perhaps your company decides for a fresher look, a rebranding is more suited for your business image.

It is a good strategy to reflect your evolving company by changing the building property’s appearance. A professionally done paint job can impress your clients and elevate your company image. Aside from making passersby curious about a fresh-looking structure, your workers might just get that needed productivity and mood boost by having their workspaces refurbished.

How Long Does Paint Last on Commercial Buidings?

Depending on the type of paint and on exposure to environmental factors, commercial painting lasts for 5-10 years. With the help of proper paint maintenance by expert painters in Sydney, you can keep the paint quality and extend its longevity.

Commercial paint lasts better if the building and its rooms are properly prepared before painting. Pre-works, such as construction repairs, replacements or any necessary upgrades, must be planned and done first before putting on a smooth coat of paint to your business premises.

Wall paint lasts longer if you hire a painting maintenance service partner who prepares the painting surfaces beforehand. Paint sticks better to smooth surfaces. Some processes to consider in preparing the paint surfaces include caulking, sanding, scraping and even surface pre-washing. 

Choosing the right type of paint is also key when it comes to a commercial painting project. The type of paint finish to choose, which colours to use together and which paint suits the material of the surface are some things to consider. 

Choice of paint colour also matters. Blemishes and textures are more noticeable when using lighter paint colours in interior paint jobs. Darker colours for exteriors tend to absorb more heat and sunlight, which in turn, causes dark paint to fade faster versus lighter paint.

Using high-quality paint will cost more, but it can be the best investment worth considering the durability and longevity. You should set a budget for your painting maintenance costs and coordinate with the professionals because you will most likely need to repaint at least after 3-5 years.

To sum it up, here’s a few pro tips and important steps for your commercial painting to last longer:

  • Surface preparation is important.
  • Check if pre-works and repairs must be done first.
  • Choosing the type of paint matters.
  • Consider which colours to use for the building exterior and interior.
  • Budget concerns and repainting maintenance quality can be planned and negotiated with professional help.

With these factors to consider plus your preferences, it is best for you to find trustworthy commercial pro painters equipped with the expertise and high-quality paint job supplies that fit your commercial repainting needs.

Talbot’s Services: Commercial Painting Services

The search for professional help is over! 

Contact us at Talbot’s Services for your next commercial painting maintenance schedule. We work to achieve our client’s vision using our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of specialised painting, remedial and abseiling services.

Talbot’s Services has been in the industry for 25 years and has built its reputation on the confidence of our clients. We utilise the best quality products combined with our years of expertise to deliver results for overall customer satisfaction. We value the safety of our client’s workplace and provide excellent commercial painting services for clients in Sydney and NSW.

With the help of a team of licensed and professional painters at Talbot’s Services, you can trust us to upgrade the aesthetics of your office building. We offer a wide range of services, such as:

  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Varnishing and Wood Staining
  • Special Finishes (Marmarino Stucco Veneziano)
  • Textured Decorative Finishes
  • Wallpapering
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Electrostatic Spraying
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Anti-Graffiti Protection
  • Colour Consultancy
  • Murals

Looking for commercial painting services in Sydney and NSW? Partner with us! Call us on 02 8318 8080 today.

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