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Commercial Painting Contractors for Professional Painting Service

Your business is an important aspect of your living, and a presentable office space surely makes an impression with employees, clients and prospective customers. 

The quality of commercial painting is one factor to your business’ success. This is the primary reason why building and business owners ensure that their space, whether it is a showroom, commercial shop or workspace, is painted according to what is aesthetically presentable.

But how can you maintain your commercial space? 

Well, you will need commercial and professional painting contractors who will deliver the type of service you are looking for.

How Do I Choose a Commercial Painter?

The following are several things to look for in a painting contractor for your commercial project.

1. Start Selecting Strong Candidates

Most people look for information on the Internet. The websites of commercial painters in Sydney are as helpful as it is for their company. You can also check local directories or get recommendations from people. Make a shortlist of contractors, then call them for an interview and estimate.

2. Do Your Research

Once your shortlist is ready, do some in-depth research. Ask each commercial painter near you for their references and follow up with their customers to determine if they are happy with the work provided by the company. Make sure the company has licences and insurance as part of its credentials.

Also, ask the painting contractor how many years they have been in business and whether they belong to a partner’s association, local or national. The more information you know about the company, the better.

3. Your Contract Details

The company’s quote must list all the specific details of the work to be undertaken. This includes areas to be painted, surface preparation, types of products that will be used, and how and where they will be implemented.

When you analyse the quote, ask questions about anything you don’t understand. When you are convinced, you and the contractor must sign the dotted line. If they hesitate to sign the quote, it is a bad omen, and do not hire them. If both of you endorse the quote, it is legally binding, which makes a future complaint, if problems arise, much easier.

4. Don’t Make a Decision Based on the Price Alone

As an owner of a commercial property, the cost of any job will always be important to you. One quality to look for in a commercial painter contractor in Sydney is whether they provide an honest and accurate estimate of the project’s cost.

While you don’t want to overpay for the service, you don’t want to choose a company with the lowest estimate. Pricing differences reflect the differences in the quality of the work.

5. Hire a Painting Specialist

When you hire prospective candidates, make sure they have the right skill set for the job you expect to be performed.

Because you are the customer, it is in your best interest to get the best deal possible.

Ask whether the commercial painting contractor provides guarantees or extra services. Follow up with questions, such as what makes them unique and what sets them apart from the competition.

Furthermore, confirm if the painting company has the experience and specialisation you need for your project. Otherwise, you might end up hiring multiple companies which can exceed your budget.

What Is a Professional Painter Called?

A professional painter is a tradesman responsible for the painting of buildings. Their duties are the following:

  • Applying coats of paint
  • Applying paint implements like varnish, stain, enamel and more.
  • Preparing surfaces through sanding, removing old paint and more.

Mural Artist

A mural artist is a specific specialisation. Murals are works of art executed directly on the wall. These artists create artwork outside or in an interior space.

Lead Painter

Lead painters are responsible for overseeing the team in painting interior and exterior spaces. They supervise the operation of the painting project.

Painter Helper

The painter helper assists in various tasks to complete a project quickly and efficiently. Usually, their work involves applying plaster, removing old paint and preparing the work area.

What Is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting focuses on large-scale projects, such as restaurants, office buildings and retail stores. Although apartments, condos and HOAs are residential types, commercial painters also tackle these multi-family residences.

If you need to brighten, update or freshen up your commercial establishment’s interior or exterior spaces, you can trust commercial building painting experts for reliable and professional service.

Commercial painters have experience working with general contractors and HOAs. They provide accurate quotes off blueprints before a building is even erected.

The following are examples of the duties and responsibilities of a commercial building painting expert:

  • Exterior and interior painting of structures
  • Remodeling painting
  • Roof coatings
  • Decorative painting
  • Logo painting
  • Church painting
  • Masonry repair

Which Paint Service Is the Best?

Homes and businesses are high-value assets that must be treated with expert care. No matter your project’s size, you must hire top-notch the best painting company in Australia. Professional painters keep your property protected and looking fresh and bright.

If you are looking for excellent commercial painting services in Sydney or NSW, here at Talbot’s Services, we handle them all. 

Talbot’s Services banks on trust, professionalism, quality and efficiency. We have 25 years of industry experience. We combine our wealth of knowledge and expertise with the best quality products to deliver spectacular results.

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