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Remedial Repair

Properties, to say the least, can be challenging to maintain. Buildings are inevitably going to get old and will need repairs. Minor repairs on a single property are manageable. But when you’re managing a business or running a property leasing business with multiple properties, it is no small job. In such cases, it is best to outsource remedial repair services from the experts.

Whether it is as simple as render or spalling repairs or some building cleaning using either soft washes or pressure wash cleaning, you can ask help from Talbot’s Services. 

Remedial Repair Services by Talbot’s Services

If you are looking for convenience, peace of mind and a boost in your property value, our remedial repair services are for you. Talbot’s Services’ remedial repair services can cater to a variety of your building issues, making us a one-stop place to get your place upgraded and better than ever.

Here are some of the remedial repair services we offer:

  • Render Repairs

A cracked render is not a pretty sight, especially if you are in the business of strata management and property leasing. Here at Talbot’s Services, we can repair the cracked and damaged renders to make those walls look new once again.

  • Spalling and Concrete Cancer Repairs

Over time, concrete slabs can degrade. Sometimes, you will notice flaking (concrete spalling), which is often a sign of concrete cancer, caused by rusted steel within the concrete slab. As steel rusts, it expands up to 7 times its original size, displacing and discolouring the concrete surrounding it. 

Talbot’s Services can perform its remedial repair expertise by repairing the damages caused by the spalling and concrete cancer.

  • Lintel Replacements

A lintel is a type of structural support placed on doors, windows and other openings in buildings to hold the weight above the opening. Lintels can be made of steel or stone. You will know when a lintel needs to be replaced if you notice vertical stepped cracks in the surrounding masonry, sometimes in a diagonal pattern. 

Talbot’s Services can provide remedial repair by removing the brickwork and associated structure surrounding the lintel, installing the new lintel and then reinstating the brickwork and any other associated structure.  

  • Glass Repairs and Window Sikaflexing/Silicone Repairs

Among the factors that affect the degradation of glass in commercial buildings are: 

  • Environmental elements
  • Poor commercial washing
  • Natural forces 
  • Accidents 
  • Mishaps.

Unfortunately, when it comes to glasses, minor damage can spread but will worsen the longer they are ignored. So, if they need to be repaired, it has to be done right away.

Talbot’s Services can help with these remedial repairs. Our glass repair services include repairing small scratches in tint and air and water infiltration among many others. As for repairing glass window frames, Talbot’s Services can help in sikaflexing and silicone repairs to fix leaking caulking and seals.

  • General Handyman

If your commercial properties require a set of handyman skills that go beyond the basics, check out our experienced and qualified remedial repair team. We can complete your handyman tasks, including but not limited to drywall repairs and installation, ceiling tile replacement, office furniture and equipment assembly, custom carpentry, general maintenance service and so much more.

  • Pressure Wash Cleaning and Soft Washes

To maintain your commercial property in tip-top shape, it is essential that your building looks as pristine as it should be. To remove stains and grime, our remedial repair experts at Talbot’s Services can perform pressure wash cleaning on hard concrete and soft washes on delicate areas of the building. 

Why Choose Our Remedial Repair Services

Talbot’s Services is the best in this industry, and here are some reasons why.

  • Highly Skilled and Professional

Over 25 years in the business has taught us that nothing beats experience. At Talbot’s Services, you can be assured that you are dealing with experts in the field who have been trained to provide you with the best possible remedial repair services.

  • Licenced

Talbot’s Services is fully licensed and insured. We want to give you the peace of mind that your remedial repair project is being dealt with utmost professionalism and compliance under Australian regulations.  

  • Dedicated Management

No matter the size of your remedial repair project, our dedicated project supervisors and liaisons will ensure that we do the job efficiently and according to standards.

  • Safe Work Practices

We value safety. We operate according to Safe Work Method Statements, and all of our employees are OHS inducted.

FAQs About Our Remedial Repair Services

A licensed builder or tradesperson is required by law to give the house owner a written contract for construction projects exceeding $1,000 or if the cost of labour and materials the builder or tradesperson will supply is over $1,000. Such projects include house construction, renovation, addition, maintenance or swimming pool installation.

 The rates of our remedial repair service can vary depending on your needs and requests. Call us for a free quotation.