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What is Painting Services?

Strata Painting Services in Sydney and NSW

Strata Painting Services
Do you want to create a positive image amongst your clients and potential business partners? Then maybe it’s time to invest in the physical appearance of your property, both interior and exterior. Strata painting services can make this happen. These painting services are more than commercial painting by taking utmost care of your building with deep cleaning and scheduled maintenance. Strata painting services may include concrete repairs, high-pressure washing, coating and waterproof maintenance, graffiti and stain removal and more. These services work by dividing your property into subdivisions for its multi-unit development.

Why do you need strata painting services? Here are other reasons why you should include these services in your building planning and budget allocation.

When do you need strata painting services? When you notice wear and tear due to the harsh Australian weather, it’s time to call strata painters into your place. You should better address these issues earlier before it’s too late. Or do you want to resolve a previously poor quality finish or simply transform your complex? Strata painting services are the perfect options for these reasons.

We, at Talbot’s Services, provide quality strata painting services in Sydney and NSW. We are fully insured, and we are not limited to only certain areas of your building. We can reach the highest point, as well as the deepest corner, of your place. Our strata painting services can make your building look new again and help it last longer.

Strata Painters in Sydney and NSW

If you are looking for strata painters in Sydney and NSW, contact us at Talbot’s Services. Our highly trained and experienced team members can transform many types of strata projects, whether regular or one-off maintenance programmes:

Our team has the proper knowledge about interior and exterior painting. Along with the necessary workforce, latest technology and premium materials, we can certainly complete your strata project with efficiency and excellence.

In addition to the terrific painting skills, we also know how to plan and communicate with one another and with our clients so we can organise the strata project well. Strata painting is more than the ability to choose paint colours well. It also requires working as one with the owners, commercial businesses and residential tenants. We at Talbot’s Services listen to our clients and work hard to meet requirements and exceed expectations. Whatever your strata painting needs are, we can assist you.

Painting Your Strata Building

Have you decided to give your building a brand new look? Paint your strata building with us. We are ready to deliver exceptional results and help you protect your investment. Call Talbot’s Services at 02 8318 8080 now!


The duration of a project will vary for each job, based on the scale and complexity of the project. Once the work gets started it will be finished on time and to budget. Based on the weather conditions (if exterior painting required), access issues, and other factors outside the control of our painters, the time may vary, but we make it our priority to meet your timing needs as closely as possible.

While hiring strata painting services you have to ensure that the contractor has the ability to finish the painting work with professionalism and within the time limits that you had requested for.

Its also important to look for the following,

  • Licenses and insurances
  • Check previous work completed
  • Ask for references
  • Have a thorough look at the overall service package, including products used, scope of works undertaken, price, extras offered and workmanship warranty


We use only the best quality paints. Depending on the area to be painted, your budget requirements and the colour suggestions, we select the paints that create the look and feel you desire using our strong partnerships with major paint manufacturing brands.

Our painters are well experienced in using all types of paints which includes oil based paints, acrylics, epoxys, special and decorative finishes.

No, you can move the things that are delicate and breakable like vases, decorations, picture frames, wall hangings, etc. Our painters will protect the furniture and accessories that remain and make sure nothing gets damaged during the painting process.