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What to Look for When Choosing an Industrial Painting Services Provider?

We bring the technical expertise to ensure on-time, safe and reliable delivery of medium to large scale industrial projects. With 25 years experience as industrial painters specialising in epoxy coatings, we have the track-record to be your trusted  partner across Commercial and Government projects

Offers realistic estimates
An excellent industrial painting company provides its clients with realistic estimates of the cost, the materials used, and the date of completion of the project. This task requires particular expertise. Thus, dealing with a company with this capability is a must.

Most reputable industrial painting companies spend more resources on their equipment. By doing such, they can assure their clients that they are capable of providing the best results. Thus, hiring them to handle the project is the best option.

Has extensive experience
Having extensive experience in providing industrial painting services to clients is advantageous for companies operating in this field. Those who seek such service are also advised to go for experienced contractors since they know how to handle the job far better than the newbies.

What is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting services involve services designed to paint various industrial areas such as garages, warehouses, and storage rooms. Industrial painters paint a range of surfaces and materials that require special paints, tools, and techniques. The painting job is not used for aesthetic purposes. It is utilised to boost practicality, such as when painting automotive components to make these more functional. Thus, industrial painting is not for every painting company but only for those qualified to do it.

Why is Getting an Industrial Painting Services Provider Important?

Hiring the service of an industrial painting services provider is a must for industrial companies due to the following reasons.

1. It helps save money

Hiring an industrial painting services contractor helps industrial business owners to save money. Getting their service allows the company to save more instead of spending thousands of dollars to paint the entire area using its personnel. Many contractors are ready to provide the needed service at a more affordable cost.

2. It is an efficient option

Hiring contractors to handle the painting job is an efficient option. This is because contractors employ a team of highly-trained personnel that can get the job done in no time. Since they specialise in industrial painting, these contractors have systematic procedures used to finish the project. Thus, the business operation is not affected.

3. It provides the best results

Securing the service of the best industrial painting contractor in the area helps in getting the best result. They know all the best practices in selecting the best paints or coatings to use along with the most effective techniques. Also, the output provided by professional painting companies is far better and long-lasting compared to those that newbies accomplished.

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Is a permit necessary for your Industrial Painting services?
In general, it’s not necessary to secure permits prior to your industrial painting project. This is only called for in rare cases – especially for bonded jobs and government clients. Usually, someone in your organization will already know the requirements your project needs to meet.
Most commercial facilities can paint at will without any concerns.
How Does Commercial and Industrial Painting Differ?
Commercial and Industrial painting involves painting a building used for commercial or
business purposes, but both the process are done with different goals in mind.
  • Commercial painting involves painting of building where clients or customers are present. But in the case of industrial painting, paint is done for machines or a building that needs to withstand the harsh conditions of the manufacturing environment.
  • Commercial painting jobs are conducted using latex-paints, as the latex paint dries out quickly and the building can be used for your business. For industrial painting, the buildings are not used by most of the public but need to withstand the harsh machine conditions. So oil-based paints are used, as they tend to be more durable and last longer.
  • Commercial Painting offers painting for the building interior and exteriors. Industrial painting offers painting for machinery, boats, aircraft, and structures such as bridges.
Do we need to provide a point of contact for the job?
In industrial painting, it is vital to have open lines of communication on both sides, and regular updates from the contractor.
Designating a project manager within your team goes a long way toward maintaining clarity.
Most large enterprises have defined this role somewhere in the org chart. Smaller companies and those who have not worked with industrial painters before should take time to clarify roles and choose a project owner as the main point of contact.